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Development of PVC corkscrew
Development of PVC corkscrew

Development of PVC corkscrew
With the emergence and development of modern industry, the bottle opener has developed from the first generation to the third generation, from the initial plastic bottle opener to the appearance of various high-tech bottle openers, which has experienced decades of development. Some people say that the traditional corkscrew is a tool used by "barbarous gentlemen". Then, with the advent of pneumatic bottle openers and electric bottle openers, "barbarous gentlemen" have become more elegant and become real gentleman.
The first generation: traditional bottle opener
Traditional bottle openers are mainly represented by plastic manual bottle openers. The disadvantages of this bottle opener are obvious:
1. Strenuous; 2. Not suitable for ladies and children; 3. Foreign officials are not beautiful;
The second generation: stainless steel bottle opener, butterfly bottle opener, hippocampus bottle opener, metal bottle opener, etc.; multi-function bottle opener; pneumatic bottle opener and electric bottle opener (prototype)
This generation of corkscrews has begun to appear diversified in functions and easy to use, such as the appearance of a knife in a stainless steel corkscrew, which plays a role in cutting tin foil; and the metal corkscrew began to use the principle of leverage to achieve the effect of convenient and labor-saving; The breakthrough of this generation of bottle opener is the emergence of the prototype of the third generation of pneumatic bottle opener and electric bottle opener, which laid the foundation for the third generation of pneumatic bottle opener and electric bottle opener.
The shortcomings of this generation of corkscrews are also obvious. First of all, they have not got rid of the laborious shortcomings, and they are still not suitable for women. Metal corkscrews began to use some physical principles, but the products are bulky and awkward. Air pressure and electric bottle openers are not yet mature in technology, nor are they beautiful in appearance. --PVC bottle opener
The third generation: pneumatic bottle opener, electric bottle opener
This generation of bottle openers includes pneumatic bottle openers. Electric bottle openers (dry electric bottle openers and rechargeable electric bottle openers) are developed on the basis of the second generation, represented by air pressure and electric bottle openers. Get rid of the shortcomings of labor and awkwardness of the first and second generation red wine corkscrews. The salient feature of this generation of wine corkscrews is the automated operation. The modern technology is perfectly applied to the wine corkscrew, which saves time, effort, convenience and speed, and is more suitable for women. Here are some introductions:
1. Air pressure bottle opener: Principle of use: Vacuum pressure principle, inject gas, generate pressure, push out the wine stopper;
Operation method: Insert the needle of the red wine corkscrew into the wine bottle from the middle of the cork, and protect the bottle mouth with a plastic protective cover; up and down activities will inject air into the bottle until the cork slides out of the bottle mouth (usually 4-7 per bottle of wine) Times to open);
2. Dry electric bottle opener: Features: Fully automatic operation.
Operation method: Install the battery, press and hold the "activation button" below until the rotation sound stops, press and hold the "activation button" above, you can exit the stopper.
3. Charging electric bottle opener: Features: Fully automatic operation. Electroplated silver-white appearance, stylish and beautiful
Operation method: Built-in power supply, equipped with a charger; press and hold the "activation button" below until the rotation sound stops, press and hold the "activation button" above, you can exit the stopper. --PVC bottle opener

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