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Custom rubber keychains: How to Start a Keychain Business?
Custom rubber keychains: How to Start a Keychain Business?

Since the PVC keychain business is all details, how to start a keychain business has become one of the most concerned issues for start-ups. How does the keychain business proceed smoothly? Let us reach out and learn it!

Nowadays, everything that is "customized" or "individualized" has a sense of freshness. In this era when almost everything is mass-produced, personalization is of the utmost importance, which allows you to stand out from the competition. Custom PVC keychains have become a niche market for rubber keychain manufacturers. Finally, a series of practical and fashionable keychains appeared on the market. After unlocking this product, we will help you purchase customized rubber keychains.

Part 1: Requirements on your keychains

Tips on sourcing custom rubber keychain for your start-up

  1. Material types

There are major two types to choose from: one is metal, the other is PVC. It’s first and foremost, to decide which type you’d like to utilize in producing keychains in bulk.

It goes without saying that a metal keychain is a durable and functional keychain solution. If it comes with keychains manufactured in stainless steel or other metals, they will maintain their aesthetic for a long time and will not rust or fade. Accordingly, they will cost more.

In terms of PVC keychains, they are affordable and accessible for clients. You may notice that many people use PVC for its malleability. Although it is the opposite of metals, their lifespan may not be that long. However, if the price is what you want, then PVC is a good option.

  1. PVC keychain style

People have their preferences regarding the choice of PVC keychain style. Usually, there are three styles for your option: one-sided, double-sided, and 3D design.

One-sided: It features a design on one side, and a flat surface on the other. The standard thickness is 4mm.

Double-sided: It features a design on both sides, and comes with 5mm thickness.

3D design: The 3D rubber keychain has multiple surface levels, with obvious recessed and raised areas. What distinguishes 2D keychains is the higher contrast between different surface levels and a rounder appearance. It comes with a 5mm thickness. Custom 3d keychain is the most popular keychain.

  1. Color options

No matter what kind of your keychain, we have up to 12 colors for your option in keychain manufacturing. A rigorous manufacturing process makes your keychain as detailed as possible.

  1. Size for keychains

When it comes to the size of keychains, there is a general measurement range: the length is from 0.5 inches to 3 inches, and so is the width. You can pick from the combinations of width and length.

Of course, customization is available and you can go crazy with dimensions. It’s noteworthy that prices vary with customization.

  1. Ring and chain style

The hardware chain is an integral part of the whole key chain. There are six chain styles to choose from: split ring, curb chain, swivel 8-link, cable chain, C-link, and cell phone string.

Please bear in mind that keychain price isn’t just about the design, colors or patterns, and also includes the rings and chains. In other words, the ring and chain will incur an additional cost.

As for curb chain, it’s a ubiquitous chain attachment that has flat links. Split ring is a standard keyring without links, which is attached directly to the design. Swivel 8-link is a rotating attachment that allows the designs to rotate freely from the keyring. Pick them out to see which one you like.

  1. Quantity and price

Undoubtedly, quantity can impact the price. Keychains in bulk value for money. It’s time to finalize the cost based on your option.

As referenced beforehand, when starting your keychain business, deciding these requirements is necessary.


Part 2: Order Process: Custom Keychains Bulk in 4 Easily Steps​

Here’s a breakdown of how the sourcing process works.

  1. Approve Quote

Send us the details and idea of your design; we will get back the quote within 12 hours.

  1. Approve Artwork

Approve the design created by our team of experts; we will get back the artwork proof within 24 hours.

  1. Sample Approve

Approve the digital sample; your order will start mass production once the sample getting approve.

  1. Production & Delivery

Turnaround time around 10-15 days after confirming the digital sample. Shipped by FedEx / DHL.


Final Words

Before mass customizing your stylish keychains, it is important to have a brief understanding of how to start a keychain business. This can eliminate your doubts and reduce unnecessary costs in the keychain business process. Welcome to consult Tuoxin Plastics, a well-known company that provides customized PVC keychains, silicone keychains, and rubber keychains for multiple purposes. We are one of the world's well-known key chain manufacturers, stockers, traders and exporters, and we carry out key chain business with customers from all over the world. Our soft PVC products are designed with carefully selected high-quality environmentally friendly materials to meet global quality standards.




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