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pvc soft plastic key ring polishing link
pvc soft plastic key ring polishing link

Each beautiful key chain produced by a key chain manufacturer is completed through many processes. The product is not beautiful, light, smooth, and has a good texture. Basically, it is polished. Decided. For example, polishing requires metal key chains, cartoon key chains, rotating key chains, car key chains, etc.
What is the polishing quality of craft gift pvc soft keychain products, the marijuana wheel should play a non-negligible role. The following pvc soft keychain manufacturers reveal the common sense of polishing,
1. Medium and hard hemp wheels, six to seven laps of automobile line, special enamel key ring, copper lacquer key ring and copper colorless products.
2. Loose hemp wheels, specially used for three-dimensional products and products with arcs, also pay attention to products with small details and products with lowercase letters, because if you use hard hemp wheels to polish, the details will stick together, which will Affect the beauty of the product!
3. Hard hemp wheels, dense wheel patterns, especially cast iron and iron products, products with larger metal surfaces, because iron is harder! First throw with hemp wheels!
4. Cloth round. Of course, such wheels are relatively soft. After polishing with hemp wheels, the product will be scratched. Gently wipe the cloth wheel to make the surface of the product mirror, so that the product has a better gloss. Some, so cloth wheel is also an essential step!

The above is just some common sense that you want to tell everyone about the pvc soft key chain polished links. Although this is common sense, it can determine the quality of the product. Our company provides customized various car pvc soft keychains, cartoon pvc soft keychains, sports keychains, branded soft plastic keychains, customized 3d PVC dolls, welcome to inquire about custom pvc soft plastic keychains!

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