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PVC soft rubber craft gift production process
PVC soft rubber craft gift production process

Soft PVC crafts and gifts are not uncommon in life, for example, PVC key chains, bar mats, coasters, refrigerator stickers, luggage tags, photo frames, auto parts, and other craft gifts, then these seemingly simple small objects, What is its production process? Let me take you to see the production process of PVC soft plastic craft gifts.

The first is to deal with the mold: Generally, when you use a new mold, you must first clean the mold, which can be washed with mold washing water, or with the waste of PVC soft rubber crafts, as long as the mold is cleaned.

The second is to go online for production: the mold must be heated before going online, and the extreme heat temperature can be moderate, not too hot or too cold. After the mold is heated, it is the glue drop. Pay attention to the control of the amount and the control of the glue syringe. When the mold of the PVC soft rubber crafts is complicated, one or more molds must be tested during the glue drop process. The temperature should not be too high. , Just roast and dry, because the temperature is too high will cause the PVC soft rubber crafts to crack and affect the subsequent operation, may climb the wall phenomenon.

The last is the bottom baking mold: pay attention to the temperature must be controlled, and the bottom can be brightened (unripe products are easy to tear by hand).

The above is the general process flow of PVC soft rubber craft gifts. The specific production process must be understood in actual production. Of course, there are many details that cannot be expressed in words. Interested in learning more about the production and customization of PVC soft rubber technology, please contact us!

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