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Silicone key ring cleaning method
Silicone key ring cleaning method

1. Water: key chain is not too dirty, clean with water, then wipe with a soft cloth can be.

2. Toothpaste: use toothpaste to clean silicone key chain, wipe with mirror cloth repeatedly, can also achieve the cleaning effect, toothpaste is also a very good cleaning tool.

3. Eraser: If you wipe with an eraser, the stolen goods can be cleaned out. If the dirt on your silicone key ring is not very serious, you can wipe with an eraser a few times to get a good cleaning effect.

4 Cleaning agent: Silicone key chain with soft cotton dip in some leather special cleaning agent gently scrub it.

5. Soap: silica gel key chain if it is a small spot, with a finger dipped in water and soap gently wipe the place, then dry with a dry towel

6. Alcohol: you can use alcohol gently wipe, the effect is good oh. Then, wipe it clean with a soft cloth or dry it in a cool place.

7. Detergent: silicone key ring dirty can use detergent (note: wash with detergent) gently rub, and then rinse with water.

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